Game of the Year 2010: Day Two

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I have to say, I wish these guys would pick games that they have all experienced to some extent. And I also think that just because its called an "add on" that doesn't mean it has to add to the core story, mythos, or whatever else. The core product shouldn't have any effect. The category is the best add on, which means a piece of content that adds to the product not the experience. I think that if your finished with a game, you want nothing more of it, and then you think the DLC for that is better than the game that you STILL WANT TO PLAY, then that is a significant point. And Jeff's comment that most users will have beaten the game was kind of out of line. It may be true, but that doesn't matter. It's the quality of the add on that is in question, not how tired of the core game you may or may not be. 
It's pretty clear that everyone thinks Shadow Broker is better because they enjoy Mass Effect more, and they completely ignore the point of the category. It's about the ADD ON, not the experience around the add on. It feels like they just defaulted to Minerva. I mean, if you want to get into the outside experience of a game, you could argue that Shadow Broker is just more of the same reason I really really really hated what Bioware did to Mass Effect in ME2. More focus on the generic combat (shooting), and stripped down story (a bunch of filler and some really concentrated great story), and less on the great things about the first game, like a feeling of progress, and feeling like what you do in one place has more than an information effect. Mass Effect is a competent shooter, but in a market SATURATED in FAR better games, if you take it with a grain of salt, its not enough to really consider either game good enough from a gameplay perspective to even factor that in. But that stuff isn't important. It's the experience of the add on, not the experience of the game as influenced by the add on. That's not to say the new information and stuff isn't a part of it, but I'm saying that the fact that you get more isn't better than getting a better story. Bioware forgot how to make a story flow with ME2, they just cram that shit into a couple of small sections, and the rest is just filler, it's just characters. Which in a franchise that was founded on the opposite, then you take in the big picture and I think Shadow Broker just continues that crap.

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