Gears of War 4 - Everything you need to know

Posted on 04/15 23:37 in | 0

The Gears of War title for the next generation is on its way, and by 'next generation' we aren't just talking about game consoles. Marcus, Dom, Baird, and The Cole Train's fight against the Swarm is over, and new Gears soldiers are stepping up to defend humanity from the hideous monsters that threaten the current state of peace. Developer The Coalition is taking the reins of the Gears of War series from here on out and with that transfer of ownership, the game makers are taking a look at what made the classic Gears games such a success.

The tone is changing from the massive, big war set pieces in favor of smaller, more intense engagements, new personalities are entering the fray, imaginative weapons are being added to the arsenal, and multiplayer is undergoing significant enhancements. Gears of War, in a way, is getting a fresh start, so this may be the reason to revisit the franchise you've been looking for.

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