The Rise of Dagon Revealed, Preview/Interview

Posted on 10/04 02:17 in | 0

It's not easy letting the world know about your ambitious, independently developed video game, and it's just as difficult for us as a media outlet to sift through the thousands of games being announced every day to find the ones that fit squarely within our role-playing coverage. Such is the case with The Rise of Dagon, an upcoming dungeon crawler inspired by such series as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore, and Legend of Grimrock, which has fallen completely off of our radar despite a Kickstarter campaign that launched last month and was ultimately cancelled.

But between the closing Kickstarter update, official blog, and Twitter feed, development appears to be continuing, and this preview/interview on Slickster Magazine has us more than a little interested in seeing where this one ends up:

I'll also leave you with the teaser trailer that debuted on Kickstarter to give you an idea of the game's overall tone:

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