The 50 greatest kung fu movies of all time

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A lot of movies invite imitation, but few make their mimics look quite so clumsy as a good kung-fu flick. "Heeee-ya! Waaaaahow!" *cringeworthy chopping motion, groin pulling spin kick. At least with the likes of Star Wars even the most graceless and ungainly could keep up with old man Kenobi. Not so here, oh no. Kung-fu movies showcase some of the most breathtaking and damn near impossible feats in the history of fist-flinging, high-kicking combat. Its actors are more than just actors, they're lethal weapons, combining amazing physicality and some surprisingly strong theatrical skills. Well, in some cases at least...

This list counts down the very best in kung-fu cinema. Click ahead to begin your martial arts odyssey, and please for the love of all things sacred, don't imitate any of it at home - you'll just end up looking really, really stupid.

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