'Xbox One second generation' is apparently a thing on a Chinese production line right now

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Okay, this could be anything I’ll admit that much, but this screen appears to contain the phrase “Xbox One second generation” on what I’m guessing is some kind of production line machine.

There’s a lot of rumours floating around currently about either an upgraded Xbox, or a revised Xbox Slim of some kind. The full translation of this screen (via NeoGAF so, you know, make of that what you will) is as follows: 

Current Status : AP(V) work with client co-develop and certify Sabic & Chill raw material

A lot of people are looking at that ‘unit weight’ bit and suggesting it must be a slim, given that the current Xbox One currently weighs over 3KG. However, the ‘plastic product’ bit makes me wonder if it’s just the casing being produced here. 

However, while I’m guessing wildly, Major Nelson seems to have weighed in on the affair, tweeting this exchange out: 

It’s not exactly a denial is it? The other part of the ‘both’ bit is referring to some COD 4 references he made, causing everyone to decide he was confirming the Modern Warfare Remaster (he totally was). 

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