Here's the first Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer. Surprise! It's in space

Posted on 05/02 12:59 in | 0

After the this weekend's Treyarch/Black Ops Infinite Warfare teaser we now have full trailer reveal confirming space-based combat for this year's COD. 

It looks like this has been forced by an earlier leaked cut of the trailer (there’s a reveal stream due later today) and appears to show a war between Earth colonies after a surprise attack on Switzerland.

Space combat is clearly in with soldiers apparently boarding and sweeping ships, fighting in space and on other planets. It sounds like the “Settlement Defense Front” might be the bad guys so I’m taking a stab at a bunch of bitter colonists deciding they’ve had enough of shit planets and deciding to take Earth back. 

We’ve also had this teaser of sorts from Infinity Ward, the studio behind this year’s instalment, talking up the series' history and promising “a new level of storytelling”.

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