Finish the fight with a Halo mod for XCOM 2

Posted on 05/02 17:22 in | 0

Mods are great. They let you do anything from tweaking small values behind the scenes to implementing things that wouldn't normally exist. And in the case of these Halo-themed mods for XCOM 2, they can also give you a game that otherwise doesn't exist. And a pretty one to boot - just look at those screenshots.

But seriously: A third-person, squad-based tactical shooter set in the Halo universe? How has this not been done before? Halo's in-game lore and novels always paint the Spartans as exceptional individuals and terrifyingly effective fireteams, yet the best we've had til now were AI-controlled dummies.

If you're wondering how to get these supersoldiers into your copy of XCOM 2, the easiest way is to subscribe to them on the Steam Workshop and have them automatically install into your copy of the game. You can find an extensive list here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a fight to finish.

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