Uncharted 4: everything we know so far

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Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley are obviously better known for being the creative leadership behind The Last of Us. While that might not seem like an immediate fit for Uncharted 4 to copy ideas from, the series has still learned a trick or two. According to lead game designer Anthony Newman, "one thing that we really learned from The Last of Us, and experimented with and got really good results from, is allowing the player to just poke around in an intriguing environment." Another trick Uncharted 4's picked up is having a buddy you can rely on. In The Last of Us Ellie is always on hand to help Joel in a pinch. It's something that really makes an NPC feel like more than a dumb sidekick. We've seen something similar in Uncharted 4 trailers as Sully rushes into help Nathan when he's grabbed by an enemy. "It really resonated with us," explains Newman of Joel and Ellie's helpful relationship and why a similar system has been implemented in Uncharted 4. "We want them to be there with you, and helping you, and you guys working together as a team."

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