The Division fixes dailies & the 1.2 update will improve loot drops

Posted on 05/05 12:16 in | 0

The Division’s had an ongoing issue with daily missions disappearing that hopefully should finally be fixed with a new update that’s now live. 

Previously, the dailies, a source of the in-game Phoenix credits, have  gone missing occasionally. That’s led to compensation for players who lost out but now should be hopefully be a thing of the past with a new and updated system. 

The next 1.2 update, which is currently in testing, should hopefully make loot a lot more fun when it arrives. High end drops will be improved and both the quality and quantity of what you get will be better to ensure players aren’t so reliant on crafting to get the good stuff. 

There’s plenty of other tweaks on the way, including a fix for stuck doors and a new higher level Dark Zone bracket. There will also be some new Dark Zone activities but they’re still a secret. 

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