Battlefield 5 image suggests an alternate history WW1

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The rumor that the next Battlefield game would take place during World War 1 has been circulating for some time now, but an image that popped up on Xbox One dashboards today seems to confirm the theory. Or does it? *dramatic music*

And just so you know this isn't a fake and that it really was posted to Xbox One owners' dashboards, here's a picture taken of my TV. You can even see me waving in the reflection. Hi Mom!

The image shows a man holding what looks like a Mauser pistol and trench club, while a zeppelin looms in the background. That all fits with the WW1 theme, but there are a few details that throw me off. I'm no weapons expert, but the guns on our man's hips seem possibly more modern, and the guy is wearing a cape - not exactly standard issue military garb at the time. Honestly, when I first saw the picture, I thought it was a Doctor Strange poster.

But perhaps most curious of all is a tweet from game developer Ben Cousins. In it, he suggests that we all partake of some "random reading," and then links to a Wikipedia article about a game called Codename Eagle, which takes place in an alternate history timeline where WW1 as we know it never happened. Curiouser and curiouser…

We'll have confirmation later today of just what exactly the next Battlefield game will entail thanks to a livestream reveal event at 1pm Pacific/9pm BST. Why not watch with us?

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