Uncharted 4... told entirely through Nate's incredible facial expressions

Posted on 05/10 13:30 in | 0

Not since Jim ‘rubber-face’ Carrey has a man been quite so rubber-faced as Nathan Drake, one the most malleable, expressive, crow’s-feety video game characters ever. And unlike cowardly Jim Carrey, who only ever shows himself from one angle at a time, you can pause Uncharted 4’s action to get a good look at Drake whenever, wherever: underwater, mid-dropkick, falling to his doom, or deep in thought. All of what you are about to see is in-game. Simply press L3 and R3 to enter photo mode and get snapping. Just like me! Have that, Carrey!

These screenshots are captured from the entire 12-hour Uncharted 4 experience, so you’re going to see things that are in the game, like locations, outfits and weapons. I haven’t gone and spoiled the ending or given up major plot developments, but keep that in mind if you want to go in completely fresh.

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