Everything we know about Persona 5

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Handsome high schoolers in well-tailored uniforms fighting personal demons and feeling cynical about society as a whole? It must be Persona 5! The Japanese trailers we've seen so far flash between animated cutscenes and in-game moments, showing how the series' distinct visual style has grown since Persona 4 - and since Persona 4 was designed for PS2, the difference is pretty impressive.

Persona 5 trades the sleepy town of Inaba for a bustling metropolis. Hazardous areas aren't just flat labyrinths anymore, as the main character is shown leaping from chandelier to chandelier and blinking from cover to cover as he avoids the gaze of lurking demons. It seems to star an all-new cast of kids who are more interested in pulling off heists than rescuing kidnapped citizens - but we'll have to hold off on judging them until we can actually get our hands on the game. Click on for a primer on recent developments in the Persona series.

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