Assassin's Creed Collection confirmed... as monthly magazine of hideous models

Posted on 06/01 12:54 in | 0

Excited about the potential of an HD Assassin's Creed Collection when you heard the news of Ubi trademarking were you? Perhaps you dreamed it would be a shiny remastered trilogy of Ezio's adventures? Well, let me curb stomp your dream skull against a pavement, teeth first. And then put a hidden blade through your eyes. 

The Assassin's Creed Collection is actually a monthly magazine model collection. You know the sort. Pay £2.99 for your first model and then gradually hand over more useful internal organs until you have a passable set of collectibles and no self-respect left. 

Except in this case, the models aren't passable. They are a plastic death. Just look for yourself. 

I love Assassin's Creed. I do. I even own some of the models from Ubi Workshop which are attractive, well crafted and actually look like the hooded humans they're based on. Instead of a melted wax skull. But hey, if you preorder the awful versions of Ezio and co, you'll get a display stand for your nightmares, a binder, a tankard and a belt buckle. What's not to love?

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