FIFA 17 is coming in September, and it's on Battlefield's Frostbite engine

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In the least surprising sports news of the year, EA has confirmed that FIFA 17 is to be released this September.

This next part is a bit of a shock, however, and a happy one: it’s ditching the Ignite engine and switching its football colossus to the Frostbite engine that underpins DICE’s Battlefield games.

The reveal trailer is low on in-game footage, but what’s there hints at significantly improved visuals – better lighting and more realistic player faces, for instance. It states that “football has changed”, with real life close-ups of Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus and James Rodriguez, all of whom will share this year’s cover.  

There’s also a tantalising shot of the Manchester United dressing room, and what appears to be the tunnel at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea.

"Frostbite unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for the FIFA franchise and its fans," says executive producer David Rutter. "We have never been as excited as we are today about the future of football and the experiences we are going to deliver in FIFA 17."

The announcement comes shortly after the reveal of rival PES 2017, hands-on impressions – in direct response to your questions – of which you can read here.

We’ll be running a similar hands-on Q&A with FIFA 17 over the coming days. If you have a question you’d like answered, mail [email protected] or Tweet it to GR+ lead sports writer Ben Wilson.

FIFA 17 is released on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on 29 September.    
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