Ok, these $190 Destiny figures are beautiful and I want them all

Posted on 07/05 12:35 in | 0

Another set of figurines, another serious risk to our wallets. 3A, the company responsible for that ridiculously cool Destiny Titan figure last year, has outdone itself and revealed three Hunter and three Warlock models. You can see all the variations on the 3A site but all six 12.6 inch figures come with their own weaponry and a unique ghost. They also include two pairs of interchangeable hands and an impressive 27 points of articulation so you can pose them to your heart's content. 

For both Hunter and Warlocks there's a standard retail edition, a Bambaland version and a Bungie Store exclusive. Aaaand then there's the price to consider. Each one is $190/£145 so 3A's "collect them all" suggestion comes at a serious price. When you look at the gallery below though, you might just be tempted. 

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