Destiny's Moments of Triumph are back with shaders, emblems, and a T-shirt

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Bungie is letting Destiny players quantify their greatness once more with a new set of Moments of Triumph. From now through when Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion is released on September 20, Guardians will be able to complete a set of eight goals pulled from across the year of The Taken King, all while earning both bragging rights and access to new vanity gear - including some for real life.

Here's the full list of Year Two Moments, straight from Bungie:

You'll need to pick up a free Moments of Triumph book from the Postmaster before you can start tracking your progress. Moments are tracked across each account, and if you've already completed any of them they should automatically pop up as soon as you log in on the relevant character. Completing objectives will increase your Moments of Triumph rank (everything has a rank in Destiny) and you can earn two new shaders and two new emblems overall. Here's Bungie's guide, just in case.

Complete everything and you'll even get a code to buy a special "customizable T-shirt" from the Bungie store, so you can flaunt your Destiny mastery to people who have no idea what a "Gjallarhorn" is or how you even say that.

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