Classic games reimagined using iPhone's amazing Prisma app

Posted on 07/14 17:02 in | 0

If you have pals who aren't currently playing Pokemon Go, they're almost certainly clogging your Facebook feed with personal pics edited using a new app. Selfies. Mates in the pub. Kids in the garden. Last night's dinner. Nothing, it appears is off limits. Prisma is the guilty party in question, enabling you to turn any photo into a work of art using a variety of clever filters. 

While every social media friend overusing it has already become a touch annoying, one fact is undeniable: it's fantastic at making iconic videogame imagery feel even more special. Check out Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, above – the N64 classic looks a million rupees after going through the Udnie filter. It's not unique in that regard. Keep scrolling right for 14 more classics that grow even more alluring after going under the Prisma knife.

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