The best Game Boy games of all time

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What's this, a great Game Boy game that isn't a sequel to an already-popular franchise? Not quite--Gargoyle's Quest is technically part of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, though the similarities essentially end with the main character: Firebrand is an enemy in the first GnG. Now a hero, Firebrand is supposedly the only one who can stop an even meaner demon from ruling the world. Cue some adventuresome 8-bit music, throw down some 2D levels and boom, you've got enough motivation for a Game Boy outing.

But there was more going on here than you'd expect from a Game Boy spin-off. Yeah there were 2D areas with bosses at the end, but Firebrand's ever-increasing abilities gave you more control than was typical at the time. Hovering, wall climbing, super jumping, platform creation... there was a lot to do! Then add overhead areas a la Dragon Quest, complete with (frequent) enemy encounters and NPCs who talk IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and you've got a remarkably robust handheld game for its time. 

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