Xbox Scorpio games and hardware are already in production

Posted on 08/08 13:11 in | 0

The Xbox Scorpio was revealed at this year's E3 but not much more. Microsoft confirmed it exists but not a lot else. If you were looking for Scorpio specs and details then don't get your hopes up just yet. 

However, according to Mr Xbox, Phi Spencer, hardware and games are being worked on right now. That's not exactly surprising as it's not like they just announced the idea and went back to not remaking Battletoads, but at least we have this confirmation now: 

The only question is when we'll see any of that work? There are already reports of a PS4 Neo reveal event this September in New York, potentially carefully spaced to avoid clashes with an equally rumoured Nintendo NX Tokyo Game Show appearance. However, Scorpio is aiming for a Holiday 2017 release so it doesn't have to worry about clashes. Which is good for Microsoft and our wallets. 

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