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Ask certain people around GamesRadar+ and Spider-Man 2's PS2 free-swinging adventure is one of the greatest experiences ever made (and those web physics were on point). But the series as a whole declined from that high into fairly rote exercises in licensing. New movie, new game. Usually not great. 

Not this time though because step up Insomniac, the studio behind Ratchet & Clank, to make a new, bespoke game. You should be excited about this for several reasons. Firstly, Insomniac has a lot of skill with fast and fluid platform adventures so something like Spider-Man is perfect for it. It's also a fresh take on the hero with an original story, focusing on an established hero (so no origins again) and not tied to any film. 

Let's take a look at what we can expect. 

There's no release date yet and Insomniac isn't giving anything away just yet. This is the official word tweeted out to a fan recently: 

Admit it, that looks exciting. Insomniac is adamant that it's all in game too, repeatedly reiterating the fact to fans asking about gameplay. If that's what it looks like at the announcement stage then not only should it look even better at launch, but that can't (hopefully) be that far away. 

The trailer seems to show a very acrobatic Spidey, not only swinging through the streets but also performing some very springy indoor acrobatics. The combat also seems to take advantage of both webs and agility. 

Obviously Insomniac isn't talking about Spider-Man PS4's story just yet but we know two things: it won't be an origin story (this is an experienced Spidey who's ready to go without watching Uncle Ben die again) and the studio is working closely with Marvel. 

That's exciting for two reasons. Firstly, it means we're heading into Batman Arkham territory - a ready formed hero ready to go - and secondly, with Marvel on board to help shape the narrative, this is about as official as you can get. 

Worth noting as well that this will have nothing to do with the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

A lot of people have noted the white detailing on Spidey's new suit in Spider-Man PS4. There's a reason for it buuut... we don't know why yet. 

What is interesting here is that the white continues to Spidey's web shooters which, colour aside, are very similar to the Spider-Man Homecoming web shooters. Does that mean something?  

The main villains in Spider-Man PS4 aren't known yet. All we have to go on are these guys up there with the Chinese looking animal masks. Odds on these are beginner goons when the game starts. Will there be a power chain leading up to a more famous bad guy? Or maybe a new character running crime in the streets to get you started?

Also, could the fact that Insomniac keeps stating that this is 'an established' Spider-Man affect villain choices depending on where he is in his life? The lives, deaths and resurrections of various characters could play a part in who's available to cause trouble. With Marvel overseeing it's going to have to stick to canon. 

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