10 tips for successful galactic exploration in No Man's Sky

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Journey Milestones track your ongoing progress against various exploration tasks and are found in the pause menu, with each having a rank from 0 to the maximum of 10 and showing the requirements to reach the next milestone. These are the targets you need to hit for the top rank:

On-foot Exploration: travelled 100,000u - equivalent to roughly that many steps

Most Units Accrued: earned 2,000,000 units - must be held at once, not a cumulative total

Sentinels Destroyed: destroyed ? sentinels - not required for any trophies/steam achievements

Extreme Survival: survived 32 sols in extreme conditions - must be done on a single planet flagged as Extreme without dying, roughly 8 hours real time

Planet Zoology Scanned: discovered all species on 10 planets - make sure you upload the 100% record when completed

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