12 top tips for dominating the Battlefield 1 open beta

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The Battlefield 1 open beta is here, giving players access to the Conquest and Rush game modes on the expansive Sinai Desert map. Jumping straight into these large multiplayer battles can be very challenging, especially if you aren't familiar with the Battlefield series, so here are a dozen tips to help you lead your team's charge to victory - good luck, soldier.

With up to 64 players running around the map at once it can be difficult to work out what's happening, but one useful tool that can help you is the Kill Log. This is turned off by default, though it can be activated under Options > Gameplay > Kill Log. Appearing in the top right corner of the screen, the Kill Log gives you a live feed of all the kills happening on the battlefield, which can be used to identify if there's a particular player or vehicle doing a large amount of damage that should be targeted/avoided. If you've just been taken out it can also confirm if someone else has dealt with your enemy, so you don't return to the same spot looking for them. 

At the start of a round you'll be presented with a list of 5 person squads you can join, and these are important as they allow you to spawn on your squadmates during the battle by selecting them on the map, getting you straight back into the action. Likewise, if you are fighting for an objective then your squad can spawn on you, providing valuable support. If you are squad leader you can also order your squad to a control point by aiming at the marker and following the prompt, and you'll receive bonus score for successfully capturing or defending it in a set time.

The Sinai Desert map is huge, and the last thing you want is to spend ages running across endless sandy dunes, so if you need to travel to a distant target then try to jump on a horse or hop into a vehicle to make the journey more manageable. If you are moving on foot then avoid crossing wide open areas as this makes you a sitting duck for enemy snipers and artillery, so instead work your way from cover to cover so you don't get picked off. If you find yourself really needing to traverse an open space and have the option available, sprint then melee attack to initiate a bayonet charge - you'll get a boost of speed faster than sprinting for a good few seconds which will minimise your exposure.

In Conquest mode on the Sinai Desert map it's easy to focus on the central control points, meaning those towards the ends of the area - A, G, and especially E at the bottom - often get overlooked by players skirmishing in the centre. These objectives still contribute the same number of points to your team score, so remember to keep an eye on their status and consider breaking off to try and capture one of them as you'll usually face less resistance. Conversely, if you hold one of those objectives and can find a good spot to defend it, you can really help your team build up their score.

If you're at or near one of the objectives when it gets captured by your team, stick around the area for a short time before moving on. The enemy will be notified that the control point has been lost and may quickly arrive to try and retake it, so if you lie in wait you can help prevent it falling straight back into their hands. Also, new vehicles may spawn on your recently captured objective, which can help you quickly move on to the next target when the time is right.

Elite Class spawns are special unique weapons that can be found in wooden crates at specific control points in Conquest mode. These are very powerful weapons, and only one of each can be in play at once followed by a cooldown before they respawn, so if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one then make sure you use it correctly. They are found in the following locations:

Objective B: Flame Thrower
Does high damage to enemies at close distance, but has no range for longer attacks. You automatically equip the gas mask with this weapon, meaning gas won't affect you but your vision is reduced a little.

Objective E: Tank Hunter
This high powered sniper rifle does significant damage to armoured vehicles, and will one-shot kill infantry. However, ammo is limited and you need to be in prone position to fire, so find a good position and focus on enemy artillery.

Objective F: Machine Gun
Equipping this weapon gives you a large armour boost, which is handy as you can't move particularly fast while holding it. The longer you fire in one burst, the more accurate you become, but ease off before it overheats.

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