The 7 most infuriating taunts in gaming history

Posted on 09/08 20:17 in | 0

Some of the best moments in games are about immersion, pulling players into a fictional world where they can project themselves into the characters. That's why it's infuriating when that immersion ends abruptly when an obnoxious character speaks up to ruin the mood. An annoying taunt, especially when overused, can end up forever lodged in your memory.

Whether bellowed by an overpowered boss, or shouted by an azure rodent hiding on the opposite side of an arena, these sneering insults are lodged in the memories of anyone who has experienced them. These jibes can be infuriating to hear spammed in-game - though most will admit that theyre pretty funny when youre the one doing the spamming. Read on to see the annoying taunts that still echo in our heads to this day.

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