GR+ Live: Meet the makers of Jotun for PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U

Posted on 09/08 21:36 in | 0

Let us face Ragnarok together, brothers! Be not afraid as we raise our glasses high and share a meady toast with Odin, Thor and all the gods on this day! 

What is it about Norse mythology that's so intoxicating? Gods and vikings and Valkyries and endless battles followed by endless feasts; it's the game premise that keeps on giving. Jotun, newly released on Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U, is a boss rush adventure that taps into the lore in the best way. How did it get made? Join us for a live discussion about Jotun with its creative lead Will Dube of Thunder Lotus Games on Twitch at 1:30PM PT/4:30PM ET/9:30PM GMT.

If you like the show, we broadcast live every Tuesday and Thursday live on Twitch at 1:30PM PT/4:30PM ET/9:30PM GMT.

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