Destiny: Rise of Iron's new Exotic weapon ornaments are looking pretty killer

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Destiny expansion Rise of Iron won't just be bringing in new gear (some of which players have already found), it'll also give you new ways to make your guns and armor look prettier/cooler/Destiny-er than ever thanks to "ornaments". Bungie has shared 14 of these decorative skins on the official Destiny Instagram, and there's quite the visual variety to enjoy.

Customize your Exotics with Rise of Iron’s new Weapon Ornaments, acquired from Radiant Treasures. Radiant Treasures can be earned in the Vanguard Strike playlist or picked up from the Eververse Trading Company. Khovostov: Last Warmind/Bureau of Aeronautics

A photo posted by @destinythegame on Sep 9, 2016 at 10:01am PDT

Personally, I want minions of the Darkness and/or any soul I face off against in The Crucible to know I'm a classy guy, so I'm most drawn to the Moonglow ornament for Hawkmoon and the Royal Flush ornament for Monte Carlo.

Of course, fancy clothes and bang-bang machines won't be all that's coming. Rise of Iron will also add a new area to explore, storyline, Strikes, Raid, and PvP modes when it launches on September 20.

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