5 moments from the new Dishonored 2 gameplay that prove it's as twisted as the first

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Corvo isn't about to let Emily have all the fun in Dishonored 2. The latest gameplay trailer from Bethesda takes place 100-percent from the Royal Protector's perspective, and it shows off some of his returning powers and a sampler of the creepy, weird stuff he'll have to deal with back in his home country of Karnaca. Like…

Corvo could have easily saved that dude after he stopped time. Instead he just watches him get vaporized in slow motion. That's kinda messed up, Corvo.

Delilah was the baddy from Dishonored's DLC campaign. Now instead of trying to possess Emily Kaldwin, she's established herself as the true heiress to the throne.

Not that the stuff she was into back with the Brigmore Witches wasn't weird, but yeesh.

Thankfully, Devouring Swarm is just as effective at fully dismantling enemies now as it was at the height of the Rat Plague.

What kind of dick ruins a perfectly good sword fight by acting like a peeved collie?

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