Metal Gear Survive is made by the MGS5 team, gameplay coming Saturday

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Metal Gear Survive might seem like a far cry from your standard Metal Gear Solid game, what with its focus on survival gameplay mechanics and co-op over infiltration and someone with the codename "Snake". But Konami has revealed that the development on Metal Gear Survive is being led by members of the original Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain team (sans Hideo Kojima, of course), and gameplay footage will be livestreamed from the Tokyo Game Show, giving us all a chance to judge it a bit more fairly.

The stream starts at 4:15pm JST on Saturday, which translates to 2:15am GMT. Meanwhile, those of us in the western hemisphere will get to see the future of the Metal Gear franchise from the future, as 4:15pm JST on Saturday is 10:15pm Eastern on Friday. Trippy.

We'll see how Metal Gear can survive (I'm sorry) without its creator soon.

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