The most disturbing Pokemon of all time

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To the general public, all Pokmon are perceived as cute and cuddly creatures. Sure, there are some oddballs like Koffing or Voltorb--but they're nowhere near as popular as the Pikachus, Togepis, and Evees that dominate Pok-merchandise. How could such a wildly popular, kid-friendly franchise be anything but cheerful? If only all those unwitting parents knew what horrors awaited their children in the untamed wilderness that is the Pokmon universe.

Its a world much like ours: for every adorable entity found in nature, there are dozens of vicious predators and revolting parasites skittering through the environment's dark underbelly. Those who take the time to read over the Pokdex entries will find some truly grotesque, disturbing, and all-around skin-crawling behaviors that are central to the lives of seemingly inconspicuous pocket monsters. With memories of Pokmon X and Y fresh in our minds, we thought it was time to comb through all 649 Pokmon in search of the mutants, freaks, and deeply unsettling outliers. Here are the most disturbing Pokmon in existence, beautifully interpreted by the Pok-illiterate paintbrush of GR alum Tyler Wilde. Enjoy...

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