7 cute game characters who are secretly praying for death

Posted on 09/23 22:12 in | 0

People are really good at hiding their problems. Sure, the internet is full of angsty attention-seekers if you know where to look (ie. Facebook, Twitter, anywhere with the facility to post comments or status updates), but in real life, people tend to keep their bad stuff locked down. It's not a healthy thing. After all, letting pain and trauma simmer and stew always does the opposite of making it better. But pride being what it is, a lot of people keep quiet.

And so it goes with game characters. Okay, games are full of angsty attention-seekers if you know where to look (ie. any AAA action game hero), but in seemingly more innocent quarters? There's a whole lot of unchecked pain going around. In fact some of the very cutest characters must have horrific lives, by their very, unspoken natures. But, perhaps due to the pressure of keeping up their designated adorable personas, they seem to be hiding that fact. They must be. So, in this horror-filled Halloweek, let us not forget that not every nightmare is an explicit, garish carnival of blood and gore, and instead take a good hard look at the dark realities lived quietly by these poor wretches. Some of the deepest terrors are too far buried to see.

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