The best PlayStation VR games

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PlayStation VR is here, but what are the best games? There are a ton of experiences and things to play and more on the way, so here are our top recommendations. We've reviewed some of these games in full elsewhere on the site (and we'll link out to them where that's the case) but consider this your go-to reference for everything worth putting a headset on for. 

Genre: Adventure
What is it?
A chance to wear the Dark Knight's cowl as he investigates a mystery involving his past and present sidekicks

Why is it in our best PS VR list?
The Arkham series has always nailed the sensation of being Batman, who uses his genius intellect as often as his two bone-cracking fists. But Arkham VR feels the first time you can truly exclaim "I'm Batman!" in your best Michael Keaton voice, courtesy of the incredibly immersive first-person detective story. You won't be beating up any goons - at least, not directly - but you do get the chance to really see Gotham from ground level through the eyes of its greatest protector.

Donning the Batsuit in VR feels so right, and there are plenty of cameos and Easter Eggs related to Batman's storied Rogues Gallery. This also acts as a continuation of the Arkham story following Arkham Knight, with the voice cast you know and love reprising their iconic roles. Being able to throw a Batarang with a flick of your real-life wrist feels fantastic (Move controllers are highly recommended here), and those moments where you stand on the ledge of a skyscraper and look down at the bustling Gotham below are simply breathtaking. Oh, and if you've played the Arkham games, you probably know they like to get a bit spooky sometimes... just wait till you see what those moments are like in VR.

Genre: Multiple (shooter, racing, arcade)
What is it?
A collection of five unique games, each one showcasing the kinds of experiences that PSVR makes possible.

Why is it in our best PS VR list?
VR Worlds is the ideal sampler for the possibilities of PS VR, offering a variety of totally unalike games with varying degrees of intensity. The star of the show is The London Heist, which feels like starring in a short gangster movie filled with tense shootouts and cockney expletives. Ocean Descent feels like a Disneyland undersea ride you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch, perfectly balancing the wonders and terrors that occupy deep waters. Scavengers Odyssey is a sci-fi shooter that has you blasting twin laser cannons and hopping between asteroids (though watch out, this one could easily make you motion sick).

The remaining two games - VR Luge, a downhill derby that has you weaving between traffic, and  Danger Ball, a high-tech version of pong - aren't as fleshed out, but are thrilling just the same when you're playing them for the first time. And that's where PlayStation VR Worlds excels: ushering the first-time player into a variety of exciting games. When your friends are coming over to check out your spiffy new headset, VR Worlds is the disc to pop in the tray. 

What is it? A gun-heavy roller coaster ride through a broken mind, full of jump scares, monsters and disturbing imagery.

Why is it in our best PS VR list?
This is the ultimate in virtual reality horror. A descent into madness via every terrifying scare trope you've ever encountered, this is a ghost train gone very, very wrong. Taking the world from the excellent choice-based PS4 horror adventure Until Dawn, this pits you against nasties that include living mannequins, cackling evil clowns and enormous spitting spiders. 

The scares on offer are masterful. Even when you're armed with two pistols, nothing ever feels safe. Jump scares intersperse with ultra-disturbing visuals to keep you in a complete sense of unease at all times and there's never a moment to take a breath. There might be a high score to take your mind off the plain horror of it all but that's no comfort when you've chugged to a stop in a dark creaking room and something starts to whisper in your ear.  

Sheer terror. Hunt it down and be prepared to thoroughly embarrass yourself if you're playing in front of friends. Just hope no one grabs you at a jump scare. We're not responsible for any health risks associated with such behaviour. 

Read our full Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood review 

What is it? A rogue-like procedurally generated tank game where you have to fight and upgrade your vehicle to reach and defeat a final boss. 

Why is it in our best PS VR list?
There's a fast shooter here with a ton of depth, something that trailers haven't really got across all that successfully. Upfront it looks like a very Tron styled tank battler but under that there's a hefty upgrade system and a perma-death mission structure as you fight through randomly generated maps to destabilise the enemy and reach the final boss. 

On top of that it's just a fun, rapid blast. Your tank is a joy to control and brilliant to live in, full of pop up consoles and screens that look good enough to touch. Combat is fast as you glide around a solid city full of enemy tanks and aircraft, switching between rockets and homing missiles to deal out explode neon death. And, despite it's 80's arcade roots and looks, this is actually one of the more fully featured games on PlayStation VR thanks to its lengthy campaign, upgrades and procedurally generated continuation. While other titles here can be cleared in a single sitting, this can potentially go on as long as you can. 

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