GTA 5 fan film starring Trevor Philips himself is like The Matrix meets Bad Santa

Posted on 10/10 22:03 in | 0

With the promise of virtual reality gaining new momentum, gamers are wondering what it would be like to enter their favorite games. I say be careful what you wish for, lest you end up like the man in this new Corridor Digital film - trapped in a waking nightmare of explosions, existential crises, and Trevor Philips. This is GTA VR:

I admit, I'm not the biggest GTA 5 fan, and I particularly dislike Trevor. But, I can really get behind Steven Ogg's performance here. Sure he says "fuck" a lot - like, a lot - but he's charismatic and energetic and daaaang, boy is in shape. Look at those muscles! Look at that six-pac! Just goes to prove my original point: sometimes reality is better.

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