Scary games for people who hate scary games

Posted on 10/26 21:00 in | 0

Horror games often require a certain kind of fortitude, whether you have to wade through disgustingly rendered entrails, tiptoe around unknowable beasts, or watch characters die in truly gruesome ways. Seeing those things take place in a movie is one thing, but actually experiencing a never-ending series of jump scares and mortal dread in video game form can be mentally and emotionally exhausting - especially when you inevitably die at the hands of whatever you're trying to avoid and have to do it all over again. 

Luckily, there are scary games out there for the rest of us. Focusing on atmosphere and mood over outright frights, these games will creep you out without going overboard. They're also much more forgiving than many other horror games, and for many of the titles on this list, player death isn't even a possibility - which definitely helps to take a lot of the edge off. And when death is on the table, you're often given more than enough tools and opportunity to save yourself from your own demise. If you're a horror wimp like me, or simply haven't yet encountered a horror game you've actually enjoyed, be sure to give these a try. 

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