Final Fantasy 15 celebrates going gold with a trippy, creepy trailer

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Final Fantasy 15 is done. After more than 10 years of waiting, the game has finally been pressed to disc and gone gold. All that remains now is getting it out to the legions of hungry fans. To celebrate the achievement, Square Enix has released a new CGI trailer (no gameplay) for the JRPG, and it's got… spoilers? Question mark?

It's called "Omen," and it's as trippy as it is confusing, with Noctis fighting his way across an ever-shifting landscape while his fiancee battles… well, if you want to go into FF15 as blind as possible, I won't say anymore. But those of you want to watch, here it is:

We haven't seen any gameplay involving that cute little pup, so I wouldn't go getting your hopes up for going walkies when Final Fantasy 15 comes out. Then again, this is a video game where you can take selfies, have cookouts with your bros, play pinball, go fishing, race chocobos… oh yeah, and at some point probably save the world.

We'll find out more when Final Fantasy 15 comes out on November 29.

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