Meet the $11,000 ultra PC based on a religious artifact (and how you can build it too)

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Our friends over at sister site PC Gamer have been busy these past few weeks, putting the finishing touches on what just might be the most powerful gaming PC ever built. At least, until they decide to do it again in a few years. Say hello to The Large Pixel Collider:

Some of you out there might think this sounds a bit familiar. That's because PC Gamer started the project in 2013, with a similar (albeit less visually snazzy) build. But time marches on and technology improves, and before long it was time to unveil a new Large Pixel Collider, updated for 2016. Over on PC Gamer, you can check out everything there is to know about the LPC 2016, including a dissection of each component and a video series of games running on the beast.
Now for the fun part: building your own.

The case and cooling are both custom, crafted by veteran modders Lee Harrington and Ron Christianson. So if you want your version of the LPC to look just as gnarly, you'll need someone with skills in arts and crafts. But if you want to dig into the guts and build something comparable in terms of specs (and you've got about $11,000 to spend, almost $4,000 of which is on the GPUs alone) here's what you need, with links to where you can buy them on Amazon:

SSD: 2x Intel 750 Series PCIe NVMe 1.2TB
Read/write speeds of up to 2200/1200MB/s
4K random IO 440K/290K IOPS

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