8 boss fights that are way different from the rest of their games

Posted on 11/17 02:33 in | 0

Sometimes a change of pace is good. We may love a game to pixels and be happy to while away our days in its digital landscape, but once you start hitting 10, 20, 50-hour benchmarks, variety starts to become a necessity. It's not hard to inject something different into the mix--some mini-games here, a couple of side missions there, maybe a boss or two with their own gimmick to nab our attention again. Come on devs, mix it up a little! Go crazy!

Well, okay, maybe not too crazy, because the more one thing differs from the game around it, the more likely it's going to feel out of sync. That's especially the case with boss battles that are so unique that it doesnt feel like they even belong in the same game anymore. Theres different and then theres straight-up mismatched, and if you push it to too faryou already did it, didn't you? You did it eight different times. Aww, frick.

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