Xbox One plays these Xbox 360 games with backwards compatibility (updated)

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Microsoft's move to make Xbox One backwards compatible last year was a masterstroke. Since that update, we've had a steady stream of brilliant Xbox 360 games added to the impressive list of available titles. The full roster of games is now a rather beautiful thing to behold, and is quickly becoming a reason to buy an Xbox One in its own right.

With that, here is every 360 game that is backwards compatible with the Xbox One so far. Don't forget that many of these games come free as bonuses with new Xbox One games, too - buying Fallout 4 will net you Fallout 3, Rainbow Six Siege gets you its two Vegas predecessors, and snapping up Rare Replay nets you, well, a fair chunk of the list. Also, the Games with Gold titles that come free to Xbox Live Gold members work with the backwards compatibility. 

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space

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