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I was going to say, this must have literally just went up.

So, why is Patrick so "done" with Valve if there is nothing here that is mandatory.

Also, Brad, Riot games has had ratings in League of Legends for a long time. You can rate enemies as "honorable opponent" or teammates as "friendly", "helpful", or "Teamwork". I know that you're newer into the DOTA2 stuff and moba over all but it gets a little hilarious when you give Valve SO much praise over things when they have been successfully implemented in a similar, less scumbaggy way, for a long time now.

Also humorous to see so much shit that Klepeck finds gnarly or sketchy but that Molyneaux "game" isn't.

Marvel Heroes early access starts early for me and I just got a character pack and not the $200 pack.

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