Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy - release date, trailer, gameplay, and everything we know

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Uncharted fans rejoice! The sun may have set on our time with Nathan Drake, but that doesn’t mean the franchise is disappearing. Naughty Dog is working on a standalone experience called Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Here’s a roundup of the scant details we have so far about the project, and when you might get your hands on the final results.

This new standalone Uncharted chapter debuted to the world with the release of nearly nine minutes of gameplay. For now, that's the closest thing we have to a trailer (if not better than a trailer, right?). Our hero for this upcoming title will be Chloe Frazer. Players first met the sharp-witted Aussie back in Uncharted 2, and the roar of the crowd when she appeared beneath the head scarf during the PlayStation Experience reveal shows just how excited fans are to spend more time with the master thief.

This game also promises to show a new side to Nadine Ross. She might have been the antagonist to the Drake brothers in Uncharted 4, but here she looks to be on the player’s side. The combination of these two – given Chloe’s tendency toward the ethical gray area and Nadine’s ruthless mercenary past – means the game is shaping up to have compelling character stories. 

Fans will be happy to see that the gameplay video covers lots of familiar ground. Most of the demo shows Chloe walking through an Indian city ravaged by war and unrest. She ducks through wire fences and hides in the shadows from armed guards on her way to a rendezvous with Nadine. She also goes through some classic maneuvers, such as picking locks and edging along narrow wall ledges.

Once she arrives on the roof, you get a sense for the hand-to-hand combat. Chloe takes out her assailants at close range, with a few assists from her surroundings and from good old gravity. Her martial arts moves are looking pretty sweet.  

Thanks to the Naughty Dog developers, we know that Chloe and Nadine are after an item called the Tusk of Ganesh. Their search will take them to multiple locations around India. Some of the areas will allow for more open exploration than those in Uncharted 4, so expect to spend extra time poking around the hidden corners of the game’s environments. 

Speaking of time, how much of that gameplay will we be getting? During their panel at PlayStation Experience, the Naughty Dog devs said that Lost Legacy is longer than the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us, but shorter than Uncharted 4. Left Behind was only about two hours long, maybe three if you took your time, so that leaves a pretty big range of scope. Considering that Lost Legacy started as a continuation chapter for Uncharted 4 but grew in scale to become a standalone, we’re hoping that means it’ll be a hefty amount of play time. 

So far, all we’ve got for a timeline is that Lost Legacy will be arriving on our consoles this year. No month, no season. Just 2017. For the sake of the fans, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for sooner rather than later.

Whenever that release date does come, anyone who bought the Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe Edition or the Explorer’s Pack before December 13 will get Lost Legacy as a free download. No word yet on what the price point might be for those who missed out on that bargain access option.

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