Oh crap... Did the Uncharted writer nearly lose the script?

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As of this week we have an Uncharted movie script from writer Joe Carnahan who posted the front page on Instagram, calling it a "beast."

Done and Dusted. Now the REAL work begins. If there's a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it, 'cuz this thing is a BEAST.

A photo posted by @carnojoe on Jan 7, 2017 at 1:28pm PST

However, there was already clearly one adventure behind him if you check his twitter account. Specifically these few posts that appear just before the reveal of the finished script...

Final Draft is a piece of screenwriting software by the way. You know the sort of thing you use to write scripts.

Asking for help was having mixed results...

This... could be going better. 

Wait. I think it's okay...

And then, later that day, Joe tweeted out a link to his instagram post announcing the finished script:  

So, 'phew' basically. Remember guys, always save your work regularly. 

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