The 10 best Resident Evil games of all time

Posted on 01/10 13:04 in | 0

The Resident Evil series is unarguably a hugely influential series in gaming history. Largely credited with establishing the survival horror template, and creating numerous iconic characters and moments. And that's just installments 1-3. Resi 4 then went on to pretty much establish third person action as we know it. And there's Resident Evil 7 on the way which looks set to start a whole new chapter in first person and VR. 

But there have been mixed offerings along the way - between the diminishing returns of the main series lifelessly rehashing number four's template, and a slew of spinoffs building out the timeline and action in all sort of directions. 

All in all there are 24 games in the series, which is why we've compiled this list of the 10 best. 

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