The Dwarves Post-funding Update #19: Alpha 2 and Beta Preview

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Backers at the appropriate tier have been able to play the second Alpha build for The Dwarves, an isometric RPG based on the fantasy series penned by German author Markus Heitz, for roughly a week, as we learn in the latest post-funding Kickstarter update for the project. The feedback the developers are receiving should serve to help refine the Beta release, which the developers are hoping to push out in about 4 to 5 weeks. 

The Beta build build will include the first of the game's three chapters and will be available to backers at the appropriate tiers. Meanwhile, while the developers gather feedback on the beta, they will also be internally testing chapter 2 and work on the third chapter of the game:

I can't say I'm excited for this title, but I'm certainly curious to see where King ART Games is going with it. Not being familiar with the source material, I'm hoping the world, lore, and writing will be solid, and if nothing else, I'm curious to see how their take on isometric combat is shaping up.

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