This Party Ain't Over: It's Another GBA Anniversary Stream [Archived!]

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Last Thursday, I spent an hour playing through a random selection of Game Boy Advance games. This week, I'm doing the same! Because GBA turned 15 this week, and one hour just isn't enough to see all the system had to offer. Neither is two hours, but we'll make do.

Join me this afternoon as I stream more great handheld classics. I have an assortment of favorites selected, though I'm afraid my grand scheme to play Boktai indoors has fallen through. Boktai, you know... the game with the solar sensor. The correct type of blacklight can fool the sensor into thinking you're in direct sunlight, but unfortunately the one I bought doesn't work. It's entirely possible they no longer make the right kind, actually — now that production has transitioned from incandescent to LED lights. We talked about the importance of legacy hardware for playing classic games on this week's Retronauts, but honestly this is going a little far for my tastes.

Anyway, you can count on some classics regardless. Maybe an import selection? Certainly a Castlevania. And Boktai wasn't the only game with funky tech built into its cartridge....

I'll begin playing today at 4 p.m. Eastern Time (1 p.m. Pacific). I'll play a variety of GBA titles for an hour. Please join me!

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