Stream: Kat Takes On Batman for the NES

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Batman v Superman is out this week, and I have no intention whatsoever of going and watching it. I'm a big fan of the original Batman from 1989, though, and now seems like as good a time as any to revisit the game that was part of the original comic book movie craze.

Though it doesn't quite rise to the level of Ducktales, Batman is still miles better than the majority of licensed games on the NES in that it stays reasonably faithful to the source material while pushing the system's specs to the limit. It's also really hard. Growing up, I was able to make it as far as The Joker, but I was never quite able to beat him. Maybe this will be the moment I finally get over the hump? Probably not, but it'll be fun to see how far I can get regardless. In any case, join me at 4pm PT/7pm ET while I see how far I can get in Batman for the NES.

When I'm done, I'll be uploading the stream to our Youtube channel, as usual. In addition to our archived streams, you can find our One Hit Wonder archives, as well as lots of cool history videos. Check it out!

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