DOOM open beta scheduled for April 15th, post-launch DLC packs confirmed

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Deathmatch and Warpath for all on hell-ridden Mars

The closed multiplayer beta for id Software's 2016 revival of the classic first person shooter DOOM has recently concluded earlier this week, but players won't need to wait long to jump into the very depths of Hell again. Even better, publisher Bethesda confirms today that DOOM's next multiplayer beta test will be open for all players starting this April 15th and running to the 17th. All you need to do is download the beta client on PC and fire it up come next Saturday.

The DOOM open beta will feature the same content from closed testing period, meaning access to the Team Deathmatch and Warpath game modes on two suitably hellish game maps on the planet Mars: Heatwave and Infernal. Team Deathmatch pits two teams of players against each other in a battle for the highest score. Warpath is essentially "King of the Hill" with a capture point that moves on its own along a set pathway as a demon rune power-up advances in tandem from the opposite end; both teams must decide how they wish to gain and maintain control of the capture point while factoring in the potential benefits of this demon rune.

Bethesda also announces three multiplayer DLC packs that will be made available following DOOM's retail release on May 13th. Each pack is priced at $14.99 USD (£11.99) and promises new weapons, maps, hack modules, and even demon power-ups. Players can also opt to purchase a $39.99 USD (£29.99) Season Pass that grants them access to the content from all three packs as they're made available. The first DLC pack scheduled for this summer will include:

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