Rumor: Lionhead staff surveyed about continuing Fable Legends, potentially as independent studio

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And you thought it was cancelled

When Microsoft announced the cancellation of Fable Legends last month alongside the closure of Lionhead Studios, the Internet responded with a mixed reaction. Some fans were glad that Microsoft was done with Lionhead, but others were upset that a new Fable game got cancelled in the process. For fans in the second camp, there's a new rumor going around that may give you some hope. A number of sources have stated that Fable Legends may in fact live on.

Speaking to MCV, the sources claim discussions are on-going in the form of a survey. Developers have reportedly been asked to choose between working on Fable Legends or taking the redundancy package Microsoft offered. If the redundancy package is accepted, Lionhead Studios will close for certain at the end of the month. If the company's staff decides to continue working on the free to play title, Lionhead could potentially turn into an independent studio. Most of the company's freelance employees have already left for greener pastures, but those on contracts are still around despite a number of them receiving offers elsewhere.

If these reports turn out to be true, Fable fans may still be able to play Fable Legends eventually. For now, Lionhead is still on the verge of closing and Fable Legends remains cancelled. Microsoft declined to comment on the reports aside from reiterating last month's cancellation of the title, although they did confirm being in discussion with Lionhead employees about the proposed studio closure.

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