What is a Site-Wide Challenge?

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A challenge is a good thing, right? Especially on Pogo! Which is why Club Pogo Members have Club-only access to Pogo’s massively popular Site-Wide Challenges!

Site-Wide Challenges take the fun of winning Badges and combine that with a mega-sized goal that everyone on Club Pogo works together to complete.

How do Site-Wide Challenges work? Pogo sets a brand-new Challenge with unique goals to work toward with each new Site-Wide Challenge. If successfully completed, everyone who activated the Challenge wins a colorfully unique animated Badge that can only be earned once … and never again!

Get in on the Fun!

Reach the mega-goal and everyone who activated the Challenge wins an awesome new Badge to show of in Badge Books. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next Site-Wide Challenge, coming up soon. Now go win all those Badges!

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