Game of the Month World Class Solitaire

Posted on 10/05 22:39 in | 0

Get ready to take flight and travel even further in World Class Solitaire. In Game of the Month tradition, we added 10 new ranks to earn and a new Badge for those who climb all the way to the top.

If you’re a fan of Badge Stacking, Badge Central is sporting some World Class Solitaire Mix-n-Match favorites. Keep your eyes peeled for more World Class Solitaire Badges throughout the month in Mix-n-Magic and Wednesday Challenges. Check out the Game of the Month Page throughout April to see all the action!

Finally, everyone who plays this month can look forward to a special treat next month—a free commemorative Mini item. All you have to do is play sometime in April, and Spike will send it your way in May.

Curious about Badge Stacking? You can activate multiple types of Challenges for the same game, and work on them simultaneously. It’s a great way to maximize your time and fill those Badge Albums quicker. Click here to learn more.

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