Monster Hunter Generations trailer shows off Prowler mode, fight it out as Felynes

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As if you needed more reasons to see cats in ridiculous outfits

Capcom and Nintendo released a new trailer today that showcases a brand new gameplay mode in Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. For the first time in the series, players will be able to dive into "Prowler" mode and control the fiercest hunters of all -- adorable little kittens.

Previously, Felynes could only travel alongside hunter characters as AI-controlled companions called "Palicoes", but Monster Hunter Generations finally changes all of that. When playing in Prowler mode, hunters will be able to directly control and fight as Felyne warriors. It turns out Felynes boast their own powerful arsenal of weapons and techniques, including a barrel cannon as well as the ability to leap onto a monster's back just like human hunters to bring down even the mightiest of beasts.

Anyone with a party of kitten companions can play alongside their friends in Prowler's multiplayer mode. Seeing one furball take down a gargantuan by itself is silly enough, but seeing four do it with meowing grace is even better. The trailer is not particularly revealing regarding multiplayer details, but it does show off three Felynes dancing to a short tune, and four battling it out against the huge owl-like monster Malfestio. 

Best of all, Monster Hunter Generations stays true to its original Japanese title, Monster Hunter X ("Cross"), and gives the player the option to customize Felynes with a series of warrior garbs. North American gamers will be able to pick up Monster Hunter Generations when it comes to the Nintendo 3DS later this summer.

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