2016 Video Game Release Dates & Reviews

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Sometimes, it's hard to keep track of all the video game releases coming your way in particular week, month, or year. We like being helpful here at USgamer, so we've decided to collect all that information in a single place for you. Below, you'll find all the confirmed video game release dates for 2016.

The list below is a living document: as we get new and confirmed release dates, we'll update it. Under each monthly section, you'll find a section with confirmed dates and another with games simply scheduled in that month. At the bottom of the list, after December, you'll find a list of games scheduled for some random time in 2016. And we're USgamer, not Eurogamer, so these will all be the North American release dates.

Finally, this list will also act as a review tracker for USgamer. As we review games on this list, we'll update the page with links to those reviews. Once again, it's all about providing you with a one stop shop for valuable information.

These titles all have been announced for certain release windows, but lack a concrete release date. I use the developer/publisher's direct terminology on project release windows.

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