Street Fighter EX Developer’s “Arika EX” Headed to PlayStation 4 In 2018

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Street Fighter EX developer Arika announced at Evo 2017 that their mystery fighting game that they’re calling “Arika EX” for the time being is headed to a worldwide release on PS4 in 2018.

What started as an April Fools’ prank is now going to be made as a full fighting game for PlayStation 4. The game will be the newest entry in the EX series.

Here are some more details shared about the upcoming fighter:

In the past, Garuda (a being made up of the lingering grudges of powerful warriors who fell in battle) was sealed by the Hayate clan.

Although Garuda was resurrected once, thanks to the self-sacrifice of a Hayate descendant, he was sealed once again. However, feeding on the energy released during Kairi and Hokuto’s battle, Garuda was resurrected once more and became a demon that seeks out powerful souls in order to devour them.

Gougi is the very embodiment of a fallen warrior’s spirit; it contains Energy, Power, Skill, and Secret Techniques.

Powerful souls can join together with Gougi to draw out new powers, but those with weak souls are unable to resist the Gougi and end up being corrupted.

The true identity of “Hokuto,” once the bloodline seal placed on her was released. The illegitimate child of the Mizugami Family; to hide her real identity she took the name of Hokuto and joined the main family.

She was brainwashed at infancy and given the mission to kill Kairi; but once the spell wore off, “Hokuto” became no more.

With her final will, she sealed her younger sister Nanase’s memory, so that she could live a life as a normal girl.



A limited-time playable beta-server test will take place at the end of 2017 on PlayStation 4. Pre-orders will be available in Japan alongside the Beta test, with bonuses to be announced at a later date. Pre-order details have yet to be decided for other regions, but they’ll be announced at a later date.

Arika EX, or “The Mysterious Fighting Game (title still undecided) releases simultaneously worldwide in 2018.

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